Hi-Tech Gas Heaters



• Use of Bosch or Rinnai commercial grade water heaters as primary heating unit
• 10 year warranty on Bowman heat exchanger against pool or spa water corrosion

• Up to 94% thermal efficiency (condensing unit)

• Use of Bowman heat exchanges with titanium tube as secondary heating unit

• 100% heat transfer between Bosch/Rinnai and Bowman units

• Titanium tube impervious to corrosion from pool or spa water

• The only gas pool heating system that carries a warranty against pool and spa water corrosion

• 5 year parts warranty on Bosch/Rinnai heat exchanger

• Elimination of condensation within the primary heat exchanger (Main cause of heat exchanger sooting in atmospheric pool heaters)

• System comes complete with top up tank, digital thermostat control, over temperature manual reset control, primary circulating pump, all primary water connections already complete, equipment already attached to a heavy gauge aluminium frame.

• Can reduce your current gas pool heating costs by up to 30%

• Quick payback of capital costs

• Much longer life expectancy of “Hi-Tech” pool heating system

• System can also be supplied in pieces for difficult retro-fit installations

Hi-Tech Commercial Gas Heaters are currently in place across a range of hotel resort pools and council operated pools and spas. These are providing the operaters with significant savings arising from the highly efficient operation of the Bosch/Rinnai water heaters along with the reliability and long life expectancy of the Hi-Tech systems.

HI-Tech Advantages

Hi Tech Installations