Welcome To Hi-Tech Pacific Australasia


Hi-Tech Pacific Australasia are importers and distributors of quality products throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, The Pacific, The Middle East, India and beyond. We pride our selves on providing quality products with professional backup and service.

As importers of the Incinolet Incinerating Toilets we supply the Mining industry, Ecco Tourism, Telstra, Main Roads and many other Government, business, recreation and domestic needs when an electric incinerating toilet is more viable than conventional sewerage systems. Hi Tech Pacific currently supplies the Australian, Russian and Chinese Antarctic bases with Incinolet Incinerating Toilets. When waste water or sewerage is an issue then consider an Electric Incinerating Toilet.

Hi-Tech Pacific Australasia (incorporating The Ozone Layer) are suppliers to the Swimming Pool and Spa industry as the manufactures of Hi-Tech Commercial Gas Heaters, importers of the Del Ozone corona discharge water purification systems, Bowman Heat Exchangers and distributors of , Ultramax Robotic Pool Cleaners, Chemigem Chemical Controllers and all commercial swimming pool requirements.

Hi-Tech Pacific Australasia is actively working to ensure the products it supplies are environmentally friendly, low energy requirements and have minimal chemical usage to help preserve planet earth.