Incinolet Incinerating Toilets


Incinolet electric incinerating toilets incinerates all human waste immediately to clean, germ free ash, as little as a tablespoonful each use. Raw waste is not accumulated and is not seen. Water is not used in this toilet and nothing is drained out. Incinolet is easy to install and can be used in any climate. Incinolet can solve your blackwater problems by not returning any waste to the environment.

Our company is the Australian distributor for Incinolet electric incinerating toilets. We also supply in to New Zealand, South Africa, Asia and PNG. Incinolet toilets have been used worldwide for over 50 years and in Australia for over 20 years. They are completely waterless and require only a 240volt power supply. They can also be powered by diesel fuelled electric generators or sufficient solar panels and battery back-up if need be.

They require no plumbing whatsoever and only minimal maintenance procedures. We can provide Incinolets as a bare toilet, installed in porta-loo cubicles (complete) or installed in caravans or ablution blocks (complete). Pricing can be provided for any option once required quantities are known.

They are available in 2 sizes, 1800 watt (10 amp) and 3600 watt (20 amp). The 1800 watt is suitable for use by up to 4 people per day based on normal daily use and the 3600 watt unit is suitable for use by up to 8 people per day based upon normal daily use. Incinolet can also be used immediately following a previous use i.e. during incineration. A pre-folded paper bowl liner is required for each and every use of Incinolet. The liner will contain liquids and solids until the incineration process is commenced.

Regular and long term Australian customers include BHP, Rio Tinto, FMG, Australian Antarctic Expedition, Russian Antarctic Expedition, Chinese Antarctic Expedition, Transport South Australia, Capricornia Gold, Anglo Ashanti etc…The Sea Shepherd vessel “Steve Irwin” also has 6 Incinolets on board. We are currently in negotiations with the Bureau of Meteorology to upgrade their weather stations around Australia with Incinolet toilets.

As a matter of interest, some regular US customers of Incinolet include US Air Force, US Navy, US Postal service and the NOAA weather service.

We also have Australian Standards electrical safety approval for both WB1800 and WB3600 models.