Hot Water For Fresh Apple Processing

2016 saw the first Hi-Tech gas pool heater used in an apple processing plant in Victoria.

Priest Bros. Orchards contacted Bosch Hot Water looking for a solution to the hot water problems they have had for many years in preparing their fresh apples for the final waxing process prior to hitting the supermarket shelves.

They had been using Bosch instantaneous water heaters for many years but had problems with them due to the process water quality from the apples coming direct from the orchard for processing.

Bosch quickly referred them to Hi-Tech Pacific A’Asia for a solution given the success they have had with their heating systems in the swimming pool and spa industry.


A Hi-Tech 55Kw system was supplied, comprising a Bosch 32 commercial gas water heater, a Bowman 5113-5T titanium tubed heat exchanger, a Davey HM60-06 primary circulating pump and an Elliwell digital temperature control station with a Caleffi flow switch and set up specifically for Priest Bros operating parameters.

The process water at Priest Bros now passes through the Bowman titanium tubed heat exchanger which has eliminated all problems and downtime they suffered with hot water supply for many years.

Bosch commercial water heaters and EJ Bowman heat exchangers have been utilized exclusively on Hi-Tech systems for the past 8 years.

Incinolet Distribution


Hi-Tech Pacific is proud to announce the recent acquisition of exclusive importation and distribution rights for Incinolet products in the Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Papua New Guinea. We a pleased to have already secured several South African clients including Anglo American and look forward to developing further new business relationships.


Perth Office Opens


Founding partner Paul Weston has relocated to Perth in order to open a Western Australian office in what he describe as an exciting opportunity to develop the business in Australia’s fastest growing region.